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Hobbs, Straus, Dean & Walker, LLP
Indian law is not simply a practice area — it is our entire practice. For over 35 years, Hobbs Straus has worked to help tribes realize positive change in Indian Country. We are committed to providing Indian and Alaska Native tribes and tribal organizations with the highest quality legal services and advocacy. And our extensive and unique experience allows us to understand the challenges tribal governments face in the context of Indian law’s past, present, and future. The foundation of our practice is built on our recognition that tribes have an inherent right to self government and matters related to tribal sovereignty permeate all practice areas. Promoting and defending tribal sovereignty is the backbone of our practice. Our attorneys, legislative specialists and staff work on almost every aspect of federal Indian law, all with the ultimate goal of protecting and defending tribal sovereignty. Specifically, our practice is focused on areas related to Tribal Affairs, Self-Determination and Self-Governance, Programs and Services, Indian Housing, Gaming, Economic Development, Natural Resources. Our Firm also has particular knowledge of Oklahoma and Alaska Native Issues as well as International Indigenous Rights. Since 1982, Hobbs Straus has represented tribal interests before federal, state and tribal governments. We have represented numerous tribal clients before tribal and federal courts, including a number of cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. We combine that insight with a thorough understanding of the complex issues surrounding local tribal law, tribal custom, and federal Indian law. Hobbs Straus values the long-standing client relationships we have built based on integrity, our commitment to Indian country, and our knowledge of many facets of Indian law. In addition to tribal governments and tribal entities, our clients include national Indian organizations such as the National Congress of American Indians and Americans for Indian Opportunity as well as national and regional Indian organizations representing the education, housing, health, child welfare, and gaming interests of Indian tribes and Indian people. Hobbs Straus is a national law firm with offices in Washington, DC, Portland, OR, Oklahoma City, OK, Sacramento, CA, Anchorage, AK, and Clinton, NY. We have 37 attorneys, 15 of whom are Indian.