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Dr. Lakota Scott
LaKota Scott
Dr. LaKota Scott is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a Certificate in Natural Childbirth. She completed her naturopathic medical training at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, with particular interests in midwifery, physical medicine, generative health, and community health. She has completed training in Integrative Pelvic Therapy and Abdominal Therapy. LaKota believes that the patient’s perspective defines health, and she aims to assist patients in creating a plan to achieve their goals. She focuses on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management before utilizing supplements and medications to help patients attain their health ambitions. ​She offers bodywork in abdominal-uterine release, pelvic floor therapy, and pregnancy massage. Abdominal-uterine release and pelvic floor therapy help address the following: incontinence, pelvic floor weakness, abdominal adhesions, PMS, fibroids, painful intercourse, fertility challenges, and reconnecting to the pelvic bowl after trauma. Pregnancy massage is helpful to enhance fertility, optimize pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.