Request for Proposal: Event Planning Services for Nonprofit Fundraising Event

Project Description

Northwest Native Chamber (NWNC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing economic and educational opportunities for Native Americans throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are seeking proposals from experienced event planning companies to provide comprehensive event planning services for our upcoming fundraising event.

The selected event planner will be responsible for managing all aspects of the event in concert with the NWNC Team, from pre-planning coordination to on-site management. The event is scheduled to take place in October 2024 in Portland, Oregon and is expected to host approximately 350 to 500 attendees

Project Requirements

Proposals submitted will undergo evaluation according to specific criteria outlined as follows: Firstly, the experience and qualifications of the event planning company will be carefully considered. Secondly, the approach and methodology proposed for managing the event will be assessed. Thirdly, the budget proposal and its cost-effectiveness will be scrutinized. Additionally, references and past performance will be reviewed for insight into the proposer’s track record. Finally, alignment with the objectives of the event and the mission of Northwest Native Chamber will be evaluated. It’s important to note that Northwest Native Chamber retains the right to reject any or all proposals received and to engage in separate negotiations with any qualified source. We extend our gratitude for your interest in partnering with us for this fundraising event and eagerly anticipate the submission of your proposals.

Bidder Instructions

All proposals and inquiries regarding this RFP should be directed to: Michel Lenihan

Bid Documents


The selected event planner will take charge of various tasks and services throughout the event planning process. During the pre-planning phase, they will collaborate closely with our Event Management Team to grasp the event’s objectives and requirements. This involves sourcing vendors and rentals to meet specific program needs, utilizing existing partnerships and discounts where possible. They’ll handle arrangements for lighting, sound, makeup/hair, rentals, floral/decor, photographer, videographer, food & beverage logistics, signage procurement, as well as the development of VIP and Sponsor experiences. Additionally, they’ll conduct negotiations for quotes, making use of partnerships or supporting small businesses within NWNC. Creating a comprehensive layout and design for the event falls under their purview, alongside managing vendors and ensuring all necessary contracts and paperwork are in order. They’ll also coordinate with current contractors to ensure a smooth run of the show, conducting walk-throughs with venue, catering, and program leads. During the onsite phase, they’ll provide an onsite producer and additional staff, including a minimum of three on-site coordinators, to support the event. This includes setting up all rentals according to the NWNC-approved layout, coordinating A/V and sound contractors, and serving as a liaison between the venue, NWNC staff and board members, vendors, and attendees.

Additional Information

RFP Issuance Date: 02/23/2024 Proposal Submission Deadline: 03/19/2024 Vendor Selection Date: 03/25/2024 Current Proposed Event Date: 10/10/2024 Please see for more information about last year’s event.

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